Fear of not Worshipping!!!

I know I am considered a rug or an atheist for my disbelief, rather a strong abhorrent on the existence of the Almighty.

I am not a true believer,  however I ain’t the kind who questions it’s piousness. When we elect our government on the basis of majority, here too, I suppose the same rule applies. Many unlike me are true followers. A handful of me makes no difference. People work their buns out to please the supreme. Ironical isn’t it?

We say we are in the age of Science when even our existence is questioned, we believe in the God we haven’t seen.

God is a pretty word that can make anyone ugly. I have referred to the word ugly because if there was no such name, we would be in a happier place with no difference between the two neighbours of two distinct religion. The word in itself is so strong that without it having been present, the flesh and blood creature with civil brains have created a kingdom which in invincible.

The day this fear of theAlmighty ceases giving rise to a fresh dawn of love for the creator( still questionable ), this planet will be a place worth its King!


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