A Small Step…

Geeta Rahul Sharma
I am inspired to write this to inspire those who think numbers are problem. That’s true they are. They stand as an obstacle when you want to get admission into a reputed college or university. There are not many that I know of who accepts you based on your intelligence which is subjective.

I want to pen down an incident that changed the life of a Bossom friend I have known since my childhood.

She had been the topper every year until the year she and her mom realised that something is wrong. Her first failure confrontation when she was eight. “I flunked in Math” not that she could speak that fancy then. It’s my version of what she had said.

Her mom is a hero who changed things around for her. Without any show of anger or embarrassment took the perfect step to correct this human error of not understanding numbers.

She was not the mother who was highly qualified but yes she did have the requisites to be the guiding light in one’s life and thats what a child needs, isn’t it? She got her tutored by a Math expert of Kerala who had made the small town his abode for teaching in a private school.

Now the turningpoint for the child, who I have referring to as my friend. She understood Maths like never before. She mastered it. She had learnt the art of solving any mathematical problem. It didn’t end there, the child for whom Math was once Greek took to teaching Math after her graduation.

This is a shout out to the students who think any subject is difficult to be excelled at. You need a Guru like Dronacharya who will guide you through and scrape out the potential in you. Don’t be disheartened. Subjects are not uphill task, hence have been included in the syllabus. Try winning over the fear and GO FOR IT.


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