5 Ways to Successfully Grow Your MMOG User Base

Grow your MMOG user base

Source: 5 Ways to Successfully Grow Your MMOG User Base


5 Ways to Successfully Grow Your MMOG User Base

What is MMOG?

MMOG is Massively Multiplayer Online games which can be played among friends and other individuals with the help of the internet. There is a great boom for online games which make use of the current situations and bind the players together to either play together or against each other. Moreover you should know what you are doing and should be on top of it to lead. Let us look at the companies that create such online games and their strategies that make the users play more of these games.

  1. Make your own play ground

If you as a gamer would play games in a set environment; it will be fun but will get monotonous and you will eventually lose the interest in the game. But f you are the creator of your own battleground and have complete access then you will start using the creative mind within you to get the best result out of the game. It will also make the gamer speak more about the game to others and get mouth publicity to attract more gamers and make the site popular. This strategy will give you more MMOG user base.

  1. Get the right users online

There are loads of users available online who are stuck on their smart phones and tablets gaming 24/7 and still are on the hunt for new games. You need to target the niche group to get the right traffic to your website and give it a great publicity. For this you as a company will need to decide the target audience to get the user base increased accordingly.

  1. Make it big

You as a website would want to become big in the industry and all the gamers should be playing your website game is the main aim of this discussion. What you need to understand is when you need something you hit the right chord and at the right time. If you give the audience the power to decide and grant something which the others desperately want; your website will gain popularity automatically. For instance in a game when the life is over for the gamer and he is desperately in need of it bt cannot avail the same before the given timeline; e has an option of getting it from his fellow gamer and clear the stage. This will give authority over the game and make it big with popularity.

  1. Create a team of your own

You are a gamer of all times and have a group of friends who can play well but need you to assist and lead them. Help the user to create a team of their own and compete with others giving him the power to decide and act upon it.

  1. Communication

Any game or team cannot achieve the results if they do not communicate. You should add this feature in your games online and increase the user base of your MMOG. A simple window at the click of a button and you can communicate with the team to build strategies and win the game.

All these methods are helpful for successful growth of MMOG user base as they are the ultimate consumers and need updates and freshness in the games they play.



A Small Step…

Geeta Rahul Sharma
I am inspired to write this to inspire those who think numbers are problem. That’s true they are. They stand as an obstacle when you want to get admission into a reputed college or university. There are not many that I know of who accepts you based on your intelligence which is subjective.

I want to pen down an incident that changed the life of a Bossom friend I have known since my childhood.

She had been the topper every year until the year she and her mom realised that something is wrong. Her first failure confrontation when she was eight. “I flunked in Math” not that she could speak that fancy then. It’s my version of what she had said.

Her mom is a hero who changed things around for her. Without any show of anger or embarrassment took the perfect step to correct this human error of not understanding numbers.

She was not the mother who was highly qualified but yes she did have the requisites to be the guiding light in one’s life and thats what a child needs, isn’t it? She got her tutored by a Math expert of Kerala who had made the small town his abode for teaching in a private school.

Now the turningpoint for the child, who I have referring to as my friend. She understood Maths like never before. She mastered it. She had learnt the art of solving any mathematical problem. It didn’t end there, the child for whom Math was once Greek took to teaching Math after her graduation.

This is a shout out to the students who think any subject is difficult to be excelled at. You need a Guru like Dronacharya who will guide you through and scrape out the potential in you. Don’t be disheartened. Subjects are not uphill task, hence have been included in the syllabus. Try winning over the fear and GO FOR IT.

Cannibals in the Making!!!

Every minute of every day, a few girls not at all fortune are getting raped. I fail to understand the heat of urge a desperate man can carry with him. We hear about it, comment on it and leave it to die. 

There dies the conscious effort of men to fight for it. I am no different. I too like to sit behind the veil and watch the women being considered not too important to be discussed and acted upon.

Had there been a system that took care of this sadness in us, we would have not feared to talk about anything under the sun, wear anything without a second thought, do anything with no fear and come out at odd hours with freedom in true sense.

We are still not independent from our thoughts, deeds and the clutches of “girls shouldn’t do that”

Empower women so the world is empowered with greater history.

Fear of not Worshipping!!!

I know I am considered a rug or an atheist for my disbelief, rather a strong abhorrent on the existence of the Almighty.

I am not a true believer, ¬†however I ain’t the kind who questions it’s piousness. When we elect our government on the basis of majority, here too, I suppose the same rule applies. Many unlike me are true followers. A handful of me makes no difference. People work their buns out to please the supreme. Ironical isn’t it?

We say we are in the age of Science when even our existence is questioned, we believe in the God we haven’t seen.

God is a pretty word that can make anyone ugly. I have referred to the word ugly because if there was no such name, we would be in a happier place with no difference between the two neighbours of two distinct religion. The word in itself is so strong that without it having been present, the flesh and blood creature with civil brains have created a kingdom which in invincible.

The day this fear of theAlmighty ceases giving rise to a fresh dawn of love for the creator( still questionable ), this planet will be a place worth its King!


Well, a bird just out of the womb of its mother struggles to live the life in the world she was never accustomed to. She never realised that life that seemed so easy inside would be so tough when it comes in terms with it. Life! Ah! Such a wide word with so less to expect from.

“I wish I wasn’t born, I wish I hadn’t yearned to free my urge of freedom, I wish there wasnt me to have knitted the dreams of unexpected.”